Sussana Christine - Melbourne Australia

Updated: Jan 17

Sussana Christine (she/her) is a Menstrual Cycle Coach and Circle Facilitator bringing cyclical awareness and menstrual understanding to her clients and community. Through her coaching work, Sussana supports people who menstruate, to create an intuitive relationship with their body, its natural rhythm, and live their most vibrant, feels amazing life. In her work, Sussana brings her lived experience of being disconnected from her body and its needs, as well as her personal healing journey and learning experiences of the wisdom and wonder of living in alignment with our menstrual cycle.

As a circle facilitator, Sussana holds First Moon Circles to educate, empower and celebrate children as they move towards their menarche (first period) and into their menstruating years; and holds Menstrual Musings Sharing Circles, for adults to self reflect, express and connect through sharing their own experiences with their menstrual cycle.

To enquire about a circle with Sussana, you can find out more information and contact her at: