Rae Willingham - Yarra Valley, Melbourne Australia

Updated: Jan 17

Rae Willingham is a Certified First Moon Circle® Facilitator located in the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia.

Rae is a Mother of four girls, an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and all-round champion of women and those who identify as female. She is passionate about creating Sovereign Mothers. She is fiercely rewriting the narrative of motherhood from martyrdom to mothers holding an authentic expression of self whilst raising children.

Rae believes so strongly that creating a positive Menarche (first bleed) for young people will do wonders to alleviate trauma from childbirth and Motherhood. With 4 girls of her own, she has a big stake in removing generational wounding from her lineage and she is determined to break the chains of shame surrounding the female body and cycle.

To enquire about a circle with Rae, you can find out more information and contact her at: