Juliet Symes - Richmond, Melbourne Australia

Updated: Jan 17

Juliet is menstrual coach for young girls and teens, a certified First Moon Circles facilitator and graphic designer. She’s passionate about educating girls not only on the changes their body will be going through in adolescence, but how to live practically with their hormonal rhythms, use them to their advantage, and help them form a healthy, positive relationship with their body.

Her desire is to break the stigma around menstruation to inspire girls to be confident in their body and celebrate the changes that bring them into womanhood. It wasn’t until her thirties that Juliet learned about her cycle and started living in sync with it, which transformed the way she lives her daily life, trains at the gym, and the way she sees her body. Now she’s passionate about bringing that information and wisdom to young girls as they begin their own menstrual journey.

To enquire about a circle with Juliet, you can find out more information and contact her at: