How to pick the right period care product for you and your child.

Updated: Jan 18

There are so many period care products on the market these days, and not all of them are as healthy and safe as the others, so it can be a bit unsettling trying to work out where the best place to start is nowadays. From pads and liners, to tampons, to moon cups and period pants, there is a lot to choose from. So how do you know what to look for?

We’ve listed out the different options on the market, how to use them safely. Plus we've shared the pros and cons for each, and explained why earth and body friendly products are definitely the best.


Fabric pads and panty liners are placed inside your underwear, on top of the undercarriage, to absorb your menstrual blood during your period. Panty liners are thin versions of pads which can be used when you have very light blood flow, and pads often come in different absorbances for light, medium, heavy and night flow. Choose the right one for you at each stage of your period. It’s useful to keep some of each size ready for when you need them.

Many options: reusable pad, mooncup, tampon and disposable pad

You can use either disposable pads which usually come wrapped in plastic and must be removed before you use it. When your pad is full of blood, remove it and place it in the bin taking care not to flush them down the toilet! New, modern cloth pads and liners are environmentally friendly, come in fun patterns and colours, and can be washed with your laundry and reused. This is much better for the earth and your body, as you’re not putting chemicals and plastics near your skin, or as waste into the earth.

Reusable menstrual cloth pads - unfold to wash, fold and secure around your undies to wear

You can purchase reusable cloth pads from Juju (in Australia) and receive a 20% discount on your purchase using the code, see the end of the article for all the discount codes and links to purchase them!

Pads Pros

+ easy to use

+ easy to wash or dispose of

+ comfortable

+ cheaper than some products

+ range of absorbencies

Pads Cons - disposable pads are not good for the earth unless made from biodegradable materials

- sometimes they don't stay in place




Which do we recommend a child use when their period first begin?



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