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FRI 25 FEB 2022
with Charlotte Pointeaux

Would you love to confidently, capably teach children about how to understand and appreciate their changing bodies through puberty and menarche, without feeling awkward, embarrassed, or uncertain of whether you'll do a good job? ⁠

Are you aware its so important to learn how to do no harm BEFORE stepping into an educator role? ⁠

Are you looking for some answers and guidance on how to do this, and bring your own period-positive experiences to life? ⁠

Yes? Then catch the replay of my masterclass where I'm sharing my 6 top tips for hosting amazing menstrual education sessions for children, which I've learned and refined over 14 years of working with young people, hosting circles, and creating educational programs. ⁠

This is ideal for people who are considering joining our First Moon Circle Facilitator training, to get a sense of what I cover in the course and what you'll become really confident and capable in delivering. ⁠

Its also great if you're a parent looking for ways to engage your child, or if you're a menstrual educator working with adults who wants to switch to working with young people. ⁠

And it's also fabulous if you are interested in creating ripples of change across communities, starting with yourself, your home, friends, schools and outward from there.

If you have any questions after watching, about what I shared or about the First Moon Circle Facilitator Training please feel free to contact me directly at charlotte@charlottepointeaux.com 

As I shared in the video, we have the final 4 places remaining on our next round of Facilitator Training which covers everything I shared. Discover the course and enrol now via www.firstmooncircleschool.com/training 

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about your host

Charlotte Pointeaux is the creator of First Moon Circles, and the Facilitator Training which trains women to become youth menstrual educators in their own right: whether they support their own children, or take their skills and passion to create change in the wider community by hosting their own First Moon Circles. 

Charlotte is a Certified Cycle, Life and Feminine Embodiment Coach, trained youth mentor, circle keeper, and podcaster. She is deeply passionate about sharing the wisdom of menstrual cycle awareness to gift children and parents things she didn't have growing up, including accurate information, a positive relationship with her body and cycle, an open and supportive relationship with parents and other elders to turn to, and a strong sense of self, confidence and empowerment. 

She is on a mission to create change and would love you to join this very important purpose. 

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