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You're a First Moon Circle Facilitator - congratulations!! 
Your time in the live training has come to a sweet close, and now it's time to get out there holding your own incredible sacred circles. 
However, if you've loved being a cherished part of the First Moon Circle sisterhood, catching up with your peers weekly, and benefitting from the generous, supportive sharing, inspiration, and learning offered between the group - it really doesn't need to end there... 
I have truly loved facilitating this space for you to come together, share your wins and your challenges, be supported and held accountable, inspired and held. And I've seen how powerful it is when we have not just our learning, but our community to back us up too, so we can continue to show up in the world to fulfil our purpose, our passions, and be in service to those in the world who need our medicine. 
That's why I'm opening up a graduate facilitator-only membership so we can keep on gathering, collaborating, and receiving support and further our learning in the menstrual arena, to celebrate and empower girls as best we can. 
I'm also offering a limited number of 1:1 VIP Coaching opportunities to receive individual private support to deepen your cycle awareness to embody your learnings, improve your health, self-care, creative and business flow in a powerful way that works in alignment with your inner and nature's seasons and cycles. Where suitable, I will also support your business by sharing more of my knowledge, practical tools, and encourage you through accountability to help you implement your First Moon and other sacred offerings gently yet effectively. With this pass you'll also receive 3 months free access to the community and directory to see you well on your way...
what's on offer?
I've got 3 fantastic options for you, take a look and choose your pass level...
1. Inclusions
  • The community is hosted inside a private Facebook group including but not limited to Lives, Coaching Calls, Hot Seat Q+As, Sacred Circles via Zoom, expert interviews either as Lives inside the group or recorded.
  • All pass members will be able to email details of their events for inclusion on the facilitator events page to Charlotte Pointeaux and can expect their event to be featured within 48 hours. Facilitator bios will not exceed 250 words, and a personal photograph must be supplied. Facilitators will be featured in order of location and then first name in alphabetical order.
  • First and Blue Moon members will be invited to join the private Facebook group upon purchasing their membership, and membership will start from the date of pass purchase regardless of when you accept your invitation to join the group..
  • Blue Moon members will receive their free 3 months community membership upon purchasing the Blue Moon plan, so if you have any other existing membership this can be paused whilst you receive the free access via your Blue Moon phase.
  • Blue Moon coaching offering will commence and each session will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both Charlotte and the member. Blue Moon passes will receive a full coaching agreement with full inclusions and details upon sign up.
2. Cancellations
  • First and Full Moon passes will automatically renew at the end of their term unless cancelled by the member prior.
  • Your pass price will not change for you for the lifetime of your subscription, including annual passes which will be renewed at this same rate, until your pass is cancelled.
  • Cancelled subscriptions which are subsequently re-started will be charged at the current pass rate, which is subject to change and therefore may vary from your initial signup price.
  • Cancellations are to be managed by the member via their own account.
  • Cancelled memberships will be acknowledged with love and politely removed from the Group until any such membership is re-commenced. You are welcome to sign up, and leave at any time you need, and are always welcomed back any time that you are called. We welcome you with love and bid you farewell with grace. 
3. Permissions and Guidelines
  • The content shared within the Group is for Group use only and resharing is not permitted. Members are bound by confidentiality guidelines to honour, respect and preserve all community members' privacy at all times
  • All members agree to adhere to community guidelines and acknowledge that actions, behaviour or language which causes intentional harm to any other member will result in the loss of your membership without refund. Members agree to commit to striving for equality, inclusion, and holding safer spaces for all, and actively listen, withhold judgement, use inclusive language, and seek to understand and support each other.  
  • Members are not obliged to participate in anything but are invited to participate in everything scheduled and available. Events will be scheduled at varying times to try to include different time zones.