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Join the positive period movement!

Discover why celebrating a girls rite of passage to womanhood is so essential to her health, happiness and success.

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First Moon Circles


Our playful education sessions for girls honour the rite of passage, share what girls and their parents can expect, and how girls can care for themselves physically, emotionally & spiritually as they grow, evolve and mature into adolescence.

What People Say

About their First Moon Circle experience
It really has made a HUGE difference to her attitude and openness about periods. A successful Mum moment! You did an amazing job Charlotte! Thank you so much for making life easier for all of us”
- Mother
"I got to learn all about my period and body parts for when I need it and so I can talk about it without being embarrassed"
- 11 year old participant 
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Discover our globally recognised facilitator training course: what's included, and how you can become part of a growing network of global positive period ambassadors!

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